Founded in 2003, RSPaul Company established itself as a developer, owner, and property manager of commercial property on the Central Coast of California. We have direct experience in land entitlement, land improvement, building construction, tenant improvement construction, tenant leasing, and day-to-day property management operations. Completed projects values have ranged from $600,000 to $16,500,000. Our principals handle all aspects of the development process. RSPaul Company's property management operations total 284,057 square feet of commercial space across 21 entities with over 40 tenants.

Our Unique Characteristics

Problem Solvers: The Central Coast of California is viewed as one of the most difficult places to develop quality real estate in America. However, this difficulty has actually proven advantageous for our company. Because we are able to solve problems and meet the challenges of a difficult development climate, we have created opportunities worthy of development and that continue to be financially successful.

Underwriting: Our company prides itself in the property it develops. We do not derive satisfaction or revenue from the quick building of property to sell for profit. Rather, we acquire property that has intrinsic location value, reasonably attainable entitlements, and property that we will hold for the foreseeable future. We underwrite the acquisition of each real property asset for its long-term intrinsic values and its cash flow generation potential.

Hands-on: While we use third-party service providers, we are proud to be viewed as a hands-on management company. Our principals attend and preside over all meetings with entitlement agencies. We manage all construction, with a vast portion of it completed by our employed construction crews. We constantly monitor and control day-to-day operating and development costs so that we can deliver quality buildings and cost-effective property management that others cannot match.

Future: Our company is actively looking to acquire real property assets in the Western United States. We will continue to source property in highly desirable locations with reasonable expectations of timely entitlement, and with promise of sustained cash flow for years to come.