RSPaul Company

We specialize in the cost-effective development of commercial income producing property in the Western United States. Since 2003 we have focused on all aspects of the development entitlement process. We have successfully completed 12 acres of commercial land entitlement, the ground up development of 123,852 square feet of commercial buildings, the purchase and redevelopment of 92,650 square feet of office / industrial / warehouse space, and the ground up building of 25,500 square feet of residential structures.

RSPaul Company has five commercial buildings entitled for construction which will add an additional 77,704 square feet to its portfolio of income producing real estate. Four (4) are located in San Luis Obispo and one (1) in Paso Robles. Construction is to begin 2022.

RSPaul Company, as a licensed contractor in the state of California, manages all construction in property it develops, improves, and property manages. 

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